A Father Of Daughters

"We had a guide, a Bedouin man, who called me "Abu el Banat". The Bedouin would laugh and laugh and then offer me a cup of tea. And I'd go and pay them for the tea, and they wouldn't let me. "Abu el Banat" means "father of daughters." They thought the tea was the least they could do." – Jed Bartlett

Abu el Banat

10th May 2011 I set to work on my first ever blog post, I remember it being a hesitant, rambling affair, testing the water and all that… Primarily though I remember it because mid way though The Wife decided to have The Child.

7th February 2013 The Wife had The New/Other/Younger Child, another girl, and at some point in the sleepless nights that followed I started this blog. I say at some point largely because I am a raging insomniac and as with the “other”(grumpier) blog I more often than not find these ramblings on my phone the following day having tapped away during the night with little or no memory of doing them, most get deleted but some get a couple of pictures whacked on and posted. What you’ll find on here are, believe it or not, the strongest swimmers!

So, what do you need to know? Well, I’m 34 and a half, a chef/restauranteur on the Llŷn Peninsula, a devout Atrincham FC and Manchester City fan, quiz geek, mood pendulum and primarily, a father of two. Girls.

For the time being though, it’s about 1.30am I’ve just got in from the restaurant, I have a double bed to myself and 5 and a bit hours to kill(The Wife and The New Child are in the spare room, so that I can sleep, before the Bank holiday weekend and The New One can cry without waking up the The Child) and I really feel I ought to at least try and sleep(not going to get in to the whole ‘not sleeping thing on here, that’s the ‘old blog’, this one will be chipper and jolly and will probably become a internationally acclaimed parenting resource)(probably ought to point out that I have a really annoying habit of leaving notes in brackets)(you’ll get used to them).



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